FTP Setup with FileZilla

To setup your FTP with GeekHost we recommend Filezilla. Other FTP programs will work but you must connect via FTPES (Explicit FTP over TLS) or in other words FTP using SSL in explicit mode.

In FileZilla you must create a connection in the site manager as you can NOT use the quick launch bar. Below you will find the settings:

Hostname: use the server name found in cpanel on the left menu to identify what server you are on - Ie/ server1.geekhost.ca
Port: leave this empty as it will auto redirect
Protocol: FTP
Encryption: Use explicit FTP over TLS if available
Login Type: Normal
Username: this is a username that you must create in the cpanel FTP Manager. The username is formatted to look like an email address
Password: this is the password that was created with the username in the cpanel FTP Manager

Click connect. A box will appear asking you to confirm GeekHost's wildcard SSL certificate. Click ok.

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