FTP setup with WSFTP

An account wizard will begin when you start the software for the first time.
You can also get to the wizard by clicking Connect, then Create Site.

Click Next > on the Connection Wizard.

Enter the Site Name:
This can be any name for identification.) Click Next >

Enter the Server Address: 
This should be in form of server#.geekhost.ca, then click Next >

Enter your User Name: and Password:
Note that your user name should be in the form of user-name@domain-name.com
Click Next >

For Connection Type: use FTPES
Click Next >

You can click Finish. Clicking the Advance button will bring up another window you can use to make further changes.

Enter the values for this connection.
Host name: server#.GeekHost.ca   (change "#" To your actual server number.)
UserID: username@yourdomain.com
Password: Login password
Click OK when you've entered the settings.

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