About us

GeekHost is located in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

GeekHost was born in 2007 to supply customers with a proper and secure environment to run their stores.

Quentin Dixon, our chief system administrator is also a support team member of the Zen Cart open source project.

Customer relationships are very important to us here at GeekHost because without them there is no us! We are big enough to handle the job but small enough to stay personal and know you!

If you have an issue about PCI Compliance or need help deciphering your scan results, all you need to do is call. Most times we can clear things up as a false positive or help you rectify your issue with our own contacts at your ASV company.

Businesses of today have lost touch with their clients, if you want a breath of fresh air, feel free to contact us!


  • Zen Cart SupportGeekHost provides free Zen Cart support to customers regardless of the package price. Our success is based on your success so we are here to help!
  • Hosting that truly makes sense Do you remember a time where business was done on a handshake or when you actually spoke to a live agent on the phone? Here at GeekHost you are guaranteed the following:

  • You have a name, not just an account number
  • You can always speak to a live agent
  • Our call centre is NOT outsourced and is located in Canada
  • You have the ability to speak directly to our system administrators
  • No overloaded servers, you get what you pay for in resources

Our Hosting Network

GeekHost uses a complete Gigabit (1000mbit or 1000 Base T) infrastructure from server to pipe so there will be no bottlenecks on any of our systems.

GeekHost uses state of the art Dell Quad Zeon Servers with SAS Raid 5 Technology and a bare minimum of 16GB of Ram. Using Centos Linux and Cpanel they are further clamped down and configured to satisfy all PCI Requirement Standards.

It is easy to be fooled by what is being offered out there and be aware that unlimited space and bandwidth does not exist. Those are commonly used "Bait and Switch" tactics used by many other hosting companies to fill their servers quickly. Read their fine print and you will see that when you start using excessive resources they will try and sell you a dedicated server or tell you to go elsewhere.

  • You get exactly what you pay for
  • We limit 100 accounts per server
  • No user throttling of system resources
  • Servers are configured to run Zen Cart properly
  • Servers are Secure and PCI Compliant
  • We run Hardware Firewalls
  • We run Cpanel and Centos Linux
  • We own our servers and equipment

Contact us

Sales: 8am-11pm EST
Regular Hosting Support: Mon - Sat 8am-11pm EST
(Closed Sunday)
Emergency Support 24/7 - 365


Direct: 519-900-0441
Fax: 519-900-0441

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